EUROGEO Projects

Pilot students course with shared GI Learner materials

The YouthMetre project aims to support EU Member States, municipalities and regions in carrying out effective policy reforms in the field of Youth, in line with the indications provided by the EU Youth Strategy and according to the priorities perceived by its target population: young Europeans.

YouthMetre activities will provide in-depth knowledge about the perceived needs of Young Europeans in learning, teaching, training or youth work situations and effective methodologies and tools that help policy makers to develop initiatives in line with the target population’s collected needs.

The YouthMetre project empowers young people, encouraging them to become engaged and actively participate in EU Youth policy matters. YouthMetre connects young people and their needs to the public sector and the initiatives and actions being undertaken there under OMC. A benchmarking process leads to the establishment of a data dashboard and visualization of EU Policy achievements using innovative but now mainstream technologies.

Developing a learning line on GIScience in education

This is a working area for partners in the GeoSkills Plus project  

An Key Activity 3 ICT network funded by the European Commission project logo

GeoCapabilities 2 is a Comenius project led by the Institute of Education, London with funding from the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme. The project's aim is to develop professional development courses that develop the potential of improving curriculum making in geography through trans-European collaboration.

iGuess 2 Project

SPACIT: A Comenius Multilateral Project (2012-2015)

The PiriReis Project is a Leonardo Transfer of Innovation Project - a network for collaboration and development for geographers
the space is for members of the Daiwa-funded project